Freshwater Pearls & Coral Gemstone Necklace

Item #:DSC11126

Elegant Freshwater Pearls Necklace with Crafted Sterling Silver Clasps 925. A classic gift that will never go out of style! Custom orders are accepted, what type of precious metal to be used, 14k gold, 24k gold or gold plated!

Aphrodite’s tears of joy, dew drops filled with moonlight, Krishna’s wedding gift to his daughter, Cleopatra’s love potion. The legends abound but one fact is undeniable, Pearls are the oldest known gem, and for centuries were considered the most valuable. So valuable that the Roman General Vitellius allegedly financed an entire military campaign with just one of his mother’s Pearl earrings.

Pearls have long been considered ideal wedding gifts because they symbolize purity and innocence. In the Hindu religion, the presentation of an un-drilled Pearl and its piercing has formed part of the marriage ceremony. While in the western hemisphere Pearls are the recommended gift for couples celebrating their third and 30th wedding anniversaries

Traditionally worn as strings, or set as pendants, today pearl rings are also popular particularly with the rare and unusual black pearls.

Almost every Pearl on the market these days is cultured. It’s only at antique auctions that you’re likely to come across “naturals”. Cultured Pearls are still “real” pearls they’ve simply had a helping hand from mankind.

Fakes are usually made from ground fish scales and can be easily detected with the simple tooth test. Gently scrape the pearls along the ridges of your top teeth. If it glides easily, it’s fake. If you feel a slight gritty abrasiveness, it’s most likely cultured or natural.

Freshwater Pearls are available in a far wider color range than saltwater, including purple, violet, orange, blue and gray. They are cheaper to produce as each mollusk can yield up to 30 pearls per harvest! American freshwater’s are allowed to mature for much longer than all other cultured pearls (up to 5 years, compared to 1 year for most others) resulting in a thicker nacre which gives American pearls an unusually high luster and orient (the iridescence from the light reflected from the inside of the pearl).

White-pink Pearls with orient attain the highest prices but with the huge variety of colors available today it’s best to choose that which compliments your skin tone and hair color. Minor blemishes may be buffed or washed away. Pearls are very porous and will soak up just about any substance they come in contact with, especially perfume and cosmetics.

Pear Size: About 0.31inch (8mm) oval pearls

Additional Information: After the order has been placed, your piece will ship out within 48 hours unless it’s being freshly made. Your item will be securely packaged and presented in a lovely Gift Box. Should you have any questions about this item please feel free to email us.


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