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Amazonite Gemstone

Amazonite GemstoneAmazonite gemstone has shades of pale green to bright blue-green stems mainly from the Americas and Australia. It is also known as “The Stone of Hope ” because inspires confidence and hope in better days to come.

There are several versions of where he got his name. Some say Αmazonite named the River Amazon (although has never been there) and some others that named after the tribe of Amazons.

Although there are rare stone, when polished and cut, the bright color is irresistible and is an excellent material for jewelry. For many years, the source of Amazonite’s color was a mystery, but recent studies show that green-blue color resulting from compound a small quantity of lead and water in the feldspar.

Amazonite is a semiprecious stone that had roots more than four thousand years ago in India , Egypt and Mesopotamia. It is noteworthy that a ring with Amazonite found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

Balances feminine and masculine energy, promotes kindness and practicality. It is an excellent stone for artists and men said to enhance physical endurance. Some believe that if you sleep with Amazonite dreams will bring calm and relax the nerves. It is also said that one of the great metaphysical properties of Amazonite is the ability to make married life happy!

The bright and cheerful color encourages confidence and goodwill, and discourages self-destruction and the tendency to fall victims. Brings peace and helps to avoid the sorrow and anxiety.

Amazonite gemstone heals and opens both the heart chakra and the throat is to promote a communication based on love. It also opens the third eye and intuition. Strengthens the heart, relieves and stimulates the nervous system.
Cure gynecological diseases and diseases of the throat.
Can be used to combat various diseases of the blood.
Is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, lack of calcium.
Helps to balance the deficiencies of metabolism.
Relieves muscle spasms.

One of the greatest qualities is the protection it provides to health problems due to microwaves and other sources of electromagnetic pollution.

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