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  • feng-shui

    Feng Shui

    Everything is energy, our soul is energy itself! According to Feng Shui this energy, called “chi” can take the...

  • yinyang

    Yin and Yang

    Yin and Yang are a philosophical concept of balance. The symbol associated with this concept is the Yin-Yang symbol,...

  • dsc153293

    Rhodonite Gemstone

    Rhodonite gemstone is a stone that brings emotional balance, nourishes Love and encourages the feeling of brotherhood for all...

  • DSC169940

    Sodalite Gemstone

    Sodalite is another mineral that possesses a beautiful blue color. It is used for carvings and some cabochon jewelry...

  • malachite2

    Malachite Gemstone

    Malachite gemstone has a very strong mineral purification. Absorbs initiate and lead change. Penetrates deep and releases and cleans...