Coral Gemstone

Coral Gemstone

Coral GemstoneCoral Gemstone. Coral is a warm gemstone and as such it is said that injects courage, courage and strength to the person who wear it. Recommended more people belonging to the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio.

Corals has been found in archaeological sites from 10,000 BC. Today there are six thousand known species. The coral was well known in ancient Egypt and the tribes of the Celts , hence the name is Celtic origin. Another theory says that the name is purely Greek and means “daughter of the sea”, “als”.

The first person to record the forces of corals are Orpheus in Lithika. The Romans used to entice men. The Great Albert writes that the Coral gemstone stops bleeding if placed over a wound heals madness and gives the holder of wisdom.

Red Corals gemstone ensures the owner of material prosperity and protects from evil spirits. He gives strength to dominate against his enemies, passion and determination. Brings prosperity, wealth and prosperity, is considered protective and good luck.

The red coral attracts passion and intense sexual excitement, while the pink coral attracts a more romantic and emotional bond. Stimulates fertility and feminine energy. Small pieces planted in a field ensure a good harvest. It brings joy, optimism and vitality.

Protects children from both the spell and from various accidents, so I still hang on the swings for babies one piece coral. Considered possible antidepressant prevents the negative emotions and violent reactions. Removes confusion, encourages positive thinking and sharpens the mind. Is valuable friend in times of examinations. Provide a first class protection for seafarers, divers, fishermen and generally those who love the sea. Keeps away the stress and nightmares. Protect your home and family.

Health: Red Coral gemstone combats the negative effects of Mars brought diseases such as fever, cough, bile, smallpox and measles. Also the strong suppressive effect headache and loss of vitality and helps to treat illnesses of blood. The red coral protects from bad dreams or nightmares. It is considered that the genuine red Coral notify the owner about the coming of a serious illness by changing color.

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