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Goldstone Gemstone|Handmade Stretch Bracelet|Unisex|Greek Spiral Symbol

The Spiral one of the strongest – historic symbols of the Greek world, sign of the vital force & life. This sophisticated but powerful symbol is found everywhere in many ancient cultures around the world.

The Spiral combining the shape of a circle and the dynamic movement, symbolizes time. As part of the smooth endless line that symbolizes growth and life itself. When using as a talisman staff the Spiral helps our consciousness to accept the turns, changes and evolution of life.

The tool that expresses the Divine power. The Creator of nature. The Supreme draft “Spiral”.

Bead size: 0.31″ (8mm)


Goldstone Gemstone Handmade Bracelet Unisex Hematite Greek Spiral

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Goldstone Gemstone. With this name occasionally called various stones. The Victorian era so say the chrysoberyl. In ancient times meant the mineral Olivine (elaiochromos), and peridot. The name Chrysolite probably came because they believed that the rock contains the mass of gold.

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6.30" (16cm), 6.70" (17cm), 7.10" (18cm), 7.50" (19cm), 7.90" (20cm), 8.30" (21cm), 8.70" (22cm)

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    like everything about this bracelet. feel, look, color…no surprises – product was just as described

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