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Greek Evil Eye Unisex Black Leather Bracelet

Greek Evil Eye Unisex Black Leather Bracelet

Genuine leather 10 mm wide.
Charm diameter: 0.59″ (15mm)

The bracelet is adjustable, made to fit comfortably.
In case you would like a different color thread please don’t hesitate to contact.


Greek Evil Eye Unisex Black Leather Bracelet

By “evil eye“, is referring to a widespread belief that a man can be adversely affected by the “bad energy“, jealousy, admiration, or even a simple glance, one another! Now, whether or not there is “evil eye“, is another discussion.

The faith in the “evil eye“ is deeply rooted in the Greek tradition and according to this put the evil eye not only humans, but plants, animals, materials or objects and properties! The Church acknowledges the spell, so it uses various wishes for ksematiasma.

The “ksematiasmata“ vary from place to place and transmitted from one generation to another. The “matiasmenos“ receiving the blessings, we should not say “thank you” because ksematiasma will catch you!


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