Tumbled Labradorite Gemstone Macrame Key Chain Unixes
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Tumbled Labradorite Gemstone Macrame Key Chain Unixes Pendant Stone Sack

Handmade Tumbled Labradorite Gemstone Macrame Key Chain | Pendant Stone Sack. Made with very durable nylon cord, the Stone can be worn as a necklace on a cord or as a Key Chain

Stone Size: 1.06×0.94″ (27x24mm) Size & shape vary!


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Tumbled Labradorite Gemstone Macrame Key Chain Unixes

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Calling it “firestone” because of its captivating play of color, the Native Indians of Labrador attributed mystical qualities to labradorite, using the powdered gem as a magical potion to cure their ailments. Interestingly, some modern mystics believe that labradorite is a gem that assists the practice of magic, unleashes the power of the imagination and helps to overcome personal limitations.

Although labradorite has not been produced synthetically, the highly distinctive appearance of its dark smoke variety can be confused with larvikite, a potassic feldspar of Norwegian origin. Predominately used in facades and for other building purposes, larvikite is also know as “blue granite” and where necessary, can be distinguished from labradorite by its density.

Ideal for those who like large brightly colored faceted gems or an unusual play of color, labradorite is a relatively obscure semi-precious gem type with prices varying widely according to availability and quality. As with any lesser-known gem variety, individual preference is an important factor when considering its value.


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