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Quartz & Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Greek Worry Beads Komboloi

The beautiful vibrations of this crystal can help in your angelic connections. A crystal in the bedroom nightstand will bring peace and love in your relationship with your partner and help you to release deep emotions.


Quartz & Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Greek Worry Beads Komboloi

Bead Size: About 0.39″ (10mm)
Handmade Komboloi of collective value.

Legend has it that some Native Americans believed that if Turquoise was affixed to a bow, the arrows shot from it would always hit their mark. It is also believed to bring happiness and good fortune to all.

The blue of Turquoise was thought to have powerful metaphysical properties by many ancient cultures. Montezuma’s treasure, now displayed in the British Museum, includes a fantastic carved serpent covered by a mosaic of Turquoise. In ancient Mexico, Turquoise was reserved for the gods, it could not be worn by mere mortals.

In Asia it was considered protection against the evil eye. Tibetans carved Turquoise into ritual objects as well as wearing it in traditional jewelry. Ancient manuscripts from Persia, India, Afghanstan, and Arabia report that the health of a person wearing Turquoise can be assessed by variations in the color of the stone. Turquoise was also thought to promote prosperity.

The book of Exodus contains an important reference to Turquoise. The Breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest Aaron contained twelve stones set in four rows. Turquoise was the first stone on the second row.


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Also can soothe the sadness of heartbreak. Physically used to enhance the proper functioning of the heart and brain, to help the circulatory system, fertility, sexual dysfunction in kidney and spleen diseases, throat problems and depression. Ideal to relieve migraines, headaches, aching ears. Slow down the signs of aging and significantly helps in losing weight and maintaining ideal weight. It is also helpful and protective during pregnancy and childbirth.

Crystal purification: Hold the crystal under the tap and let the water run over plenty for a few minutes, so the “clean” and ready for the turn. Keep your hands, feel the vibrations, and think about what you expect from the crystal it. Ask it, and visualize yourself experiencing all the wonderful activities and properties. Clean regularly your crystal from the negative energy accumulated.

From cultural practice to fashion accessory, Greek worry beads have been increasing in popularity. The origin of these beautiful beads is in Greek folk art. Older beads have become valued collectibles while jewelry stores sell new Greek worry beads as trendy accessories. The strings of beads are not purely decorative. People use worry beads for fun and relaxation.
Though the origin of worry beads may have been as prayer beads made by Greek Orthodox monks, modern worry beads have no religious significance. “Komboloi” is the Greek name for the worry beads which comes from the word for “prayer rope.” There also are some superstitious significance to different types of beads that may be included in the worry beads.
Traditionally, only men carried Greek worry beads. However, they are used by men and women now. Some worry beads made in Greece are designed to be sold to tourists. A trip to Greece is not necessary to find these gorgeous beads. These collectible beads can be found for sale on the internet and in some jewelry stores.
Organic beads usually are preferred. Amber is a classic choice for worry beads. Other types of beads are commonly used. A Greek worry bead may be ceramic, glass, or even plastic. Those sold in jewelry stores often include beads made from semi-precious stones. The beads may be strung on cord or fine chain. The komboloi typically has one larger bead that is set off from the string of beads and may have a tassel attached.
Greek worry beads are used as a stress reliever. They can be held and manipulated in rhythmic patterns as a relaxation tool. There are different ways to use worry beads. Some people hold the beads and allow the beads to fall and hit the larger bead. Once all the beads are on one end, they flip the beads and allow them to fall to the other side.
One method of using the beads is called the loud method. Hold some of the beads and the largest bead in your palm with the cord placed between the index and middle fingers. Allow the rest of the beads to fall on the other side of the fingers holding the cord of worry beads. Then, flip the beads that are outside the hand over the top of the index finger so that they hit the beads held in the palm of the hand. Flip the moving beads outside the hand again and repeat.
Some people simply hold the beads in their palm and roll the beads together. This creates a soft sound similar to clicking. Others consider using worry beads a skill and practice manipulating and swinging the beads in a pattern. They practice to improve the speed at which they can move the beads. However the Greek worry beads are used, they can be a helpful tool to distract the mind from stress and worry.

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