Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Tigers Eye GemstoneTigers Eye Gemstone is known as a stone of protection. Used as a talisman since antiquity against bad luck, evil eye and curses. Attracts good luck, prosperity and abundance. Brown with yellow, gold and red tones and great shine and beauty. The stone is named after its resemblance to the eye.

Roman soldiers wore this semi-precious stone, because they believed that it was the “eye that sees everything.” Even today it is believed that it brings mental protection and clear thinking. When used in jewelry the tigers eye gemstone may bring good luck and protection from the evil eye. It is also known to improve the insight of the user and is an excellent stone for meditation. No wonder we often malas (indian rosary for prayer) made entirely of Eye of the Tiger.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone is a stone with particular beneficial effects on the mind. Allows you to unravel the confusion in the mind of many thoughts and keeps you focused on your goals. Frees you from intrusive thoughts and stress. Enhances insight and you can make decisions with vision and clarity. It helps in concentration and meditation. Use to balance the third chakra (solar plexus ). Often helps in the healing process of many diseases, including rheumatic, heart disease, psoriasis, and asthma. Gives courage in times of change, enhances self-confidence, optimism causes.

Encourages trust our abilities and talents, stimulates the creative energy, enhances our personal power, encourages passion and positive attitude to life. Attracts wealth and simultaneously prevents us from abuse and greed. Hold the stone in the moonlight of a full moon and ask the moon to bless the Eye of the Tiger and you bring money into your life.

Hold down the moonlight as possible. Put it in your wallet along with your money and allow it to attract more. Is a stone as a gift to be given out of love and devotion to each other. And for those who take it must accept it with dignity and respect. You should clean your stone at least every three months. Leave it in a bowl of salt water overnight, then wash it under the tap and leave it for three hours in the sun in a bowl with clean water.
Zodiac: Leo, Gemini & Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn

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