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Unakite GemstoneUnakite Gemstone is an altered granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally colorless quartz. First discovered in the United States in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina. Unakite Gemstone also known as (Unikite) Unakite is a stone with gentle but powerful energy. Birthstone of Gemini and Libra.

It is a variety of Tourmaline, consisting of red Jasper and green olivine. Its hardness is 6.5 and Single Crystal Structure.
The descriptions of the start of 1801, they began to be used as a decorative stone in official places and homes of prominent citizens.
Attractive forces:


• Attracts wealth and abundance in all its forms.

• It is a tool for identifying suitable partners and friends.

• Brings peace and quiet.


• Protects against electromagnetic radiation.

• Removes fears and anxiety.
• Dissolves negative emotions and brings optimism.

• Balances the emotions, brings spiritual growth and facilitates contact with the Angelic Kingdom.
• Promotes the vision, and mental vision.
• Useful after visualization and mental work, grounded energy.
• Shows you need compromise and integration. Ally Reiki.
• Facilitate the process of regeneration, reaches the root problems in the near or distant past, bringing to light situations that you can transform.
• Ensures the spirit and the body, unblock the chakras and allows the continuous flow of energy.

• helps the flow of blood and lymph.
• Stimulates the libido and reproductive system.
• Ally the proper development of children, ensuring a healthy pregnancy.
• Helps acceptability of treatment.
• Ensures the heart and its functions.

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