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Tiger’s Eye & White Onyx Gemstone Unisex Handmade Men Women Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye & White Onyx Gemstone Unisex Handmade Men Women Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye & Onyx Bead size: 0.23″ (6mm)
Hematite Size: 0.07×0.15″ (2x4mm)
The bracelet is adjustable, made to fit comfortably.


Tiger’s Eye & White Onyx Gemstone Unisex Handmade Men Women Bracelet

There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors. Thus, the color difference is inevitable to some extent.

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Onyx gemstone settles anxiety, fears and doubts. This stone removes sorrow and helps prudent decision making. Promotes peace, internal dialogue, insight and offers clarity. Ground the energy and elevate consciousness. Retrieve thoughts that exist in the subconscious and balances Yin and Yang. Used in studies of Feng Shui.

It offers endurance and balancing functions in any malfunction of the body. Protects from accidents and make good for the skin, nails and hair. It stimulates the heart and circulatory system in general, but also the kidneys. It helps those who have hearing problems. Strengthens the immune system, especially brittle bones, teeth and feet.
Onyx strengthens the skeleton and purifies the blood. Is known to be particularly useful in skin diseases. Helps in treating infected wounds and fungal infections or inflammations. It is said to soothe the pain of sunburn.



Tigers Eye Gemstone is known as a stone of protection. Used as a talisman since antiquity against bad luck, evil eye and curses. Attracts good luck, prosperity and abundance. Brown with yellow, gold and red tones and great shine and beauty. The stone is named after its resemblance to the eye.

Encourages trust our abilities and talents, stimulates the creative energy, enhances our personal power, encourages passion and positive attitude to life. Attracts wealth and simultaneously prevents us from abuse and greed. Hold the stone in the moonlight of a full moon and ask the moon to bless the Eye of the Tiger and you bring money into your life.

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