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Turquoise & Coral Gemstone Unisex Handmade Men Women Bracelet

Turquoise & Coral Gemstone Unisex Handmade Men Women Bracelet

Turquoise & Coral Bead size: 0.23″ (6mm)

Hematite Size: 0.07×0.15″ (2x4mm)

The bracelet is adjustable, made to fit comfortably.


Turquoise & Coral Gemstone Unisex Handmade Men Women Bracelet

There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors. Thus, the color difference is inevitable to some extent.

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Coral is a warm stone and as such it is said that injects courage, courage and strength to the person who wear it. Recommended more people belonging to the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio.

Corals has been found in archaeological sites from 10,000 BC. Today there are six thousand known species. The coral was well known in ancient Egypt and the tribes of the Celts , hence the name is Celtic origin. Another theory says that the name is purely Greek and means “daughter of the sea”, “als”.

The first person to record the forces of corals are Orpheus in Lithika. The Romans used to entice men. The Great Albert writes that the Coral stops bleeding if placed over a wound heals madness and gives the holder of wisdom.



The blue of Turquoise was thought to have powerful metaphysical properties by many ancient cultures. Montezuma’s treasure, now displayed in the British Museum, includes a fantastic carved serpent covered by a mosaic of Turquoise. In ancient Mexico, Turquoise was reserved for the gods, it could not be worn by mere mortals.

In Asia it was considered protection against the evil eye. Tibetans carved Turquoise into ritual objects as well as wearing it in traditional jewelry. Ancient manuscripts from Persia, India, Afghanstan, and Arabia report that the health of a person wearing Turquoise can be assessed by variations in the color of the stone. Turquoise was also thought to promote prosperity.

The book of Exodus contains an important reference to Turquoise. The Breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest Aaron contained twelve stones set in four rows. Turquoise was the first stone on the second row.

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