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Brown Obsidian Greek Komboloi Worry Beads

The healing properties of the obsidian gemstone are well known across the world. The crystallized form of Obsidian is often referred to as the “stone of truth”. This “stone of truth” assists people in understanding and accepting their flaws or in the complete removal of them. This stone is considered to be a metaphysical mirror which helps us to know our inner-selves better. If you really want to know yourself, the black Obsidian gemstone can spiritually aid you.


Brown Obsidian Greek Komboloi Worry Beads

Bead Size: About 0.47×0.45″ (12x11mm)
Handmade Komboloi of collective value.
Certificate of authenticity.

There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors. Thus, the color difference is inevitable to some extent.

Note: After the order has been placed, your piece will ship out within 48 hours, unless it is being freshly made. Your item will be securely packaged and presented in a lovely Gift Box. Should you have any questions about this item please feel free to email us.

From cultural practice to fashion accessory, Greek worry beads have been increasing in popularity. The origin of these beautiful beads is in Greek folk art. Older beads have become valued collectibles while jewelry stores sell new Greek worry beads as trendy accessories. The strings of beads are not purely decorative. People use worry beads for fun and relaxation.

Though the origin of worry beads may have been as prayer beads made by Greek Orthodox monks, modern worry beads have no religious significance. “Komboloi” is the Greek name for the worry beads which comes from the word for “prayer rope.” There also are some superstitious significance to different types of beads that may be included in the worry beads.

Traditionally, only men carried Greek worry beads. However, they are used by men and women now. Some worry beads made in Greece are designed to be sold to tourists. A trip to Greece is not necessary to find these gorgeous beads. These collectible beads can be found for sale on the internet and in some jewelry stores.


The Black Obsidian Gemstone is a stone which is formed from molten lava, meaning it an igneous rock (a rock formed out of a volcano). It’s made up of silica dioxide, with impurities such as titanium dioxide, aluminum and iron oxides. It’s black in color and has a lustrous, dark sheen to its surface. It is created when magma runs down from the volcano; it solidifies previous to crystallization and ends up having a glassy appearance.
It’s also found in the crystal form as natural glass in various regions, and was one of the first stones in the history of human kind to be used for the crafting of sharp-headed weapons like knives and arrowheads. There are many unique kinds of Obsidian stones, such as the rain bow Obsidian or the snowflake Obsidian.
The Obsidian stone also has healing properties to aid in removing negative and unhealthy thoughts from troubled minds. It can help to release the grudges we hold against people for what they have done to us. In such cases the Obsidian truth stone will help us in understanding others and removes our past grievances and doubts. We are often trained to doubt other people’s intentions, no matter how good they could be. Here, Obsidian helps these people to let go of their negative attitude and accept and acknowledge the positivity of the others. The metaphysical properties are also known to prevent psychic attacks and ward off negative influences of spirits or demonic beings.
Folklore and legend associated with the black Obsidian gemstone date back to the late 1800’s and the military’s counter attack on the Apache people.
After the Pinal Apaches had made multiple attacks on a settlement in Arizona, the military and its collected volunteers tracked their settlement’s stolen livestock. They carried out an attack on the Apache tribe, who found themselves out-numbered and caught completely off guard andbrutally slaughtered many of the Apaches. The remainder of the men in tribe chose to ride their horses off the cliffs to their death in respect of the fallen and escape facing death at the hands of the US Calvary. The mountain where this battle took place is now called the “Apache Leap” mountain.

The legend that rose from this battle was of the lovers and Apache Women who lost their men in the battle. The story goes they gathered at the base of the mountain’s cliff and they wept for their dead loved ones. Their sadness was so great that the “Great Father” turned their tears to black stones and laid them into the rocks on the ground.

Based on this legend, the black Obsidian gemstone is thought to bring the gift of good luck to the possessor. As the legend goes, “To those who own an Apache Tear Drop, you will never have to cry again, for the Apache Woman have shed their tears in place of you”.
In astrology, Obsidian is associated with Sagittarius zodiac.

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