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White Onyx & Obsidian Mixed Gemstone Greek Worry Beads Komboloi

Bead Size: About 0.51×0.39″ (13x10mm) Size may vary!
Handmade Komboloi of collective value.
Certificate of authenticity.

Check here: How to Use-Play Greek Komboloi Worry Beads.


White Onyx & Obsidian Mixed Gemstone Greek Worry Beads Komboloi

The obsidian gemstone is a type of rock that’s glassy in nature, commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. Obsidian rock itself forms when molten rhyolitic rock cools fast enough to stifle the formation of crystalline mineral structures. This process happens after the molten rock comes into contact with water or mixes with air.


The origin of these beautiful beads is in Greek folk art. Organic beads usually are preferred. Amber is a classic choice for worry beads. Other types of beads are commonly used. A Greek worry bead may be ceramic, glass, or even plastic.

Those sold in jewelry stores often include beads made from semi-precious stones. The beads may be strung on cord or fine chain. The komboloi typically has one larger bead that is set off from the string of beads and may have a tassel attached.

Greek worry beads are used as a stress reliever. They can be held and manipulated in rhythmic patterns as a relaxation tool. There are different ways to use worry beads. Some people hold the beads and allow the beads to fall and hit the larger bead. Once all the beads are on one end, they flip the beads and allow them to fall to the other side.
Healing attributed to onyx gemstone occurs if the stone is worn against the body. These stones are considered to be good for healing skin ailments. To decrease labor pain, onyx is placed on the stomach of the pregnant woman.

Psychological uses of onyx include the calming of fighting among couples. Some believe that onyx can reduce sexual impulses. Onyx may reduce the psychological and physical effects of stress. Many believe that onyx improves self-confidence and self-control. Dreaming about white onyx is said to be a good sign for an impending marriage.

Onyx may have psychologically soothing power. The stone traditionally has been used as worry stones in some cultures. Many people believe that white onyx gemstones calm fear and stress. A white onyx gemstone may increase happiness and enhance intuition.

Like ancient times, bowls made from white onyx gemstone can adorn the home. People who are interested in the healing properties or spiritual benefits may find wearing onyx jewelry or holding the stones to be ideal ways to be connected to this stone.

There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors. Thus, the color difference is inevitable to some extent.

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