Buy Online Worry Beads Greek Komboloi Shop

Buy Online Worry Beads Greek Komboloi Shop

Buy Online Worry Beads Greek Komboloi Shop, Our shop has a wide rage of quality handcrafted collectible beads for every occasion. A trip to Greece is not necessary to purchase these gorgeous worry beads.

From cultural practice to fashion accessory, Worry Beads Greek Komboloi have been increasing in popularity. The origin of these beautiful beads is in Greek folk art. Older beads have become valued collectibles while jewelry stores sell new Greek worry beads as trendy accessories. The strings of beads are not purely decorative. People use worry beads for fun and relaxation.

Though the origin of worry beads may have been as prayer beads made by Greek Orthodox monks, modern worry beads have no religious significance. “Komboloi” is the Greek name for the worry beads which comes from the word for “prayer rope.” There also are some superstitious significance to different types of beads that may be included in the worry beads.

Traditionally, only men carried Worry Beads Greek Komboloi. However, they are used by men and women now. Some worry beads made in Greece are designed to be sold to

Organic beads usually are preferred. Amber, Mastics and Bakelite is a classic choice for worry beads. Other types of beads are commonly used. A Worry Beads Greek Komboloi may be ceramic, glass, or even plastic. Those sold in jewelry stores often include beads made from semi-precious stones. The beads may be strung on cord or fine chain. The komboloi typically has one larger bead that is set off from the string of beads and may have a tassel attached.

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