Malachite Gemstone

Malachite Gemstone

Tumbled Malachite Gemstone Macrame Key ChainMalachite gemstone has a very strong mineral purification. Absorbs initiate and lead change. Penetrates deep and releases and cleans anything has accumulated that hinders our evolution. Brings change and transformation almost naturally. The Malachite is a stone of creativity, rotation and change. Brings us the message of green fire in the black void of the folding universe. The density and representing the opacity of the natural – material. It teaches us how to overcome the density if we endure onto this planet and how through the process of creating of creating a material expression we arrive at understanding the nature of mind.

A true gemstone who stimulates the faith and in order to protect us. While giving the impression of severity – rigor is very sweet, loving and protective especially pregnant women and children. That is why working in depth with the traumas of childhood and heal the wounded child within each of us. Can bring to our lives deeper changes because he knows the womb of our personal existence and purpose of the group they belong to. Releases negative energies from any field and have accumulated giving the perception share we have. Moves the concentrated energy and tapers. Can be used in all energy centers which purifies and energizes. It is particularly effective in the solar plexus, heart chakra and the third eye.

In the solar plexus and the heart Malachite releases deep, old, stagnant emotions and negative experiences and old traumas.

Reconnects us with our power that resides in the solar plexus. Balances the heart chakra and the navel bringing intuitive knowledge. Emotional levels makes available more intense, but with rapid changes. At the mental level helps in aches and leads us to the heart of the problem, stimulating intuition. Makes us more observant, helps understand obscure concepts and enhances the absorption of information. Combats dyslexia, autism, epilepsy, the motor problems, depression and relieves even severe psychiatric illnesses. Just because it dissolves the mental blockages, helps us to remember and understand our purpose mitigating the ego that knows how to hide but while it does not distract us. It also helps to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It shows how merciless what hinders our evolution. Breaks the shackles unwanted and outdated standards. It teaches us how to take responsibility of ourselves (deeds, thoughts, emotions). Releases inhibitions and encourages the expression of emotions, changes and risks.

The Malachite helps us to develop qualities such as compassion and understanding for us to enter the others position and empathize. Placing Malachite occurs in the heart balance and harmony. Placed at 3rd eye activates the vision and insight.

The crystallized Malachite gemstone is used to access to other worlds. Through intricate shapes released the mind, stimulates the creation of images and helps in making intuitive knowledge of the subconscious and messages from the future.

One of the strongest properties malachite is protection because readily absorb the adverse effects and the pollutants and the radioactivity from the body and from the atmosphere. Good are people who spend long hours working with computers or technicians and directors of television stations have near them, through space a good piece of Malachite. Also any source resides in nuclear physics or radiation should be placed at a malachite. The Malachite clears electromagnetic pollution and treat the effects of land now suffer.

In antiquity Malachite was used in the organs of assimilation, stomach, kidney, spleen and pancreas. Generally we could say that the stone which can be used for multiple therapeutic purposes and in many ways. It is especially effective with cramps, including those of the period and facilitate childbirth (for this has been called “the midwife stone”) and the suckling period. Helps the female sexual organs and cure sexual diseases. Throwing pressure, treats asthma, helps headaches, the toothache, insomnia, nausea in the travel, fractures, arthritis, swollen joints, tumors, the blackouts, the optic nerve, parathyroid gland, immune. Aligning the DNA and cell structure. Encourages the liver to release toxins reducing acidification of tissues. When worn around the waist cure diabetes. Generally strengthens the heart, circulatory system and the endocrine glands. It also helps in renewing tissues.

In crystal therapy we use in polished form because it is toxic. (When it is in its raw form takes care not to breathe the dust). In some cases it has been observed that treatment in the Malachite increases heart rate. In such case requiring the removal from the body and replacement with pink quartz or Rhodonite .

To remedy’s Friday and tinctures Malachite gemstone used the indirect method. Place the Malachite in glass dish and then place it in the container or the water vodka, so the stone can not come into contact with liquid.

The remedy of Malachite is ideal in situations where health has been neglected or fade . Because it is remedy motion and push gives faith that we can do . It helps the circulatory system, headaches (especially if coming from the liver), the seizures and detoxify the liver. Releasing childhood trauma, especially when combined with kunzite and rhodochrosite. Significantly helps the therapists who have “burned” by many, dissonant, heavy effects of medicating. It offers protection from negative energies of all kinds of pollutants and radiation in space, putting in water 2 drops tincture Malachite plus 1 drop of tincture quartz, 1 drop of tincture yellow, 1 drop of tincture tourmaline and plus 3 cleaning – protective essential oils such as sage, juniper and rosemary.

Malachite GemstoneThe Malachite is a quite delicate, soft and brittle stone so it needs special attention. Should not be worn when doing manual work or when we go to the beach. All trade malachite bear a protective lacquer which is lost when it comes in contact with water. That’s why when we clean the Malachite order to enhance to be used we do saline but only with coarse salt and dry after which we remove brush. We do not bring the Malachite never in contact with acids or ammonia and not leave it ever hot surfaces such as the body of a radiator.

When we want to buy a good Malachite would not choose someone with absolutely smoothly and concentric circles ‘water’ because they are probably artificial.

In trade we can find Stones Malachite in combination with another rock as malachite and chrysocolla malachite azurite. The Azurite is a strong conductor of energy unlocks the spiritual visions and opens the Ajna. An emotional level brings deep healing, clearing of old thought patterns, old blockages and contaminants.

The combination of Malachite and chrysocolla symbolizes peace and wholeness. When placed in an area imbalance restores the balance in a calm manner. If you put an example in the solar plexus and then one at Ajna body, mind and emotion will balance.

If cut in a special way, the waters of which presents different shades can be displayed on a surface as concentric circles with darker center and lighter periphery. Then called “eye malachite”

The Malachite takes its name from the Greek word ” Malachi ” which is the known plant mallow, because the color is the same shade as that of the leaves. International trade name is Malachite. In antiquity Malachite was known. In ancient Egypt used the powder as a cosmetic and as a shadow for the eyelids and eyebrows, wore for the protection and good pregnancy outcomes. Pulverizing the malachite they put it on the wound to prevent infection. Indeed, according to decrypted hieroglyphic texts of Egypt, Imhotep (aka Egyptian doctor) used the malachite together with cow dung as a treatment for eye diseases.

It was believed in ancient times that whoever drank from a pitcher malachite could understand the language of animals!

Another ancient use of malachite was investing columns and manufacture tabletops, candle holders etc.

It is said that the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the columns were coated with malachite as well as some of the pillars of the church of St. Sophia in Constantinople and the Cathedral of St. Isaac in St. Petersburg.

The Malachite gemstone is a talismans particularly suitable for children.

Place a piece of Malachite in the crib or bed of the baby, all the evil spirits will go away and your child will sleep deeply and peacefully.

In some parts of Germany the Malachite gemstone with turquoise has a reputation that protects the owner from the danger of falling. So I often give the duo in aviators, pilots and people who travel a lot by plane. The plan is considered appropriate to carve on the Malachite is the Sun.
A jewel shaped Malachite Sun is a powerful talismans that protects the holder from evil spirits, spells and attacks. This is because the sun is the source of light and life and the mortal enemy of the dark, of necromancers, the black magicians and demons fear the light and life.

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