Rhodonite Gemstone

Rhodonite Gemstone

Rhodonite Gemstone Greek Worry Beads KomboloiRhodonite gemstone is a stone that brings emotional balance, nourishes Love and encourages the feeling of brotherhood for all mankind. It has the ability to show both sides of an issue.

Heals the emotional shock and panic. It is extremely beneficial in cases of emotional selfdestruction, interdependence and abuse. Rhodonite gemstone clears the emotional wounds and scars from the past and brings up painful feelings, such as anger or bitterness. This stone reflects particularly with forgiveness and helps reconciliation after long suffering and abuse. It can be useful in past life therapy to treat treason and egketaleipsis.

When we Rhodonite help ourselves and others to externalize and express love! Keeps this atmosphere in everyday life. Connects us with faith and hope to bring love. Good to have them on our site or us, but not to touch others!

In crystal therapy we use in polished form because it is toxic. (When it is in its raw form takes care not to breathe the dust). In some cases it has been observed that treatment in the Malachite increases heart rate. In such case requiring the removal from the body and replacement with pink quartz or Rhodonite gemstone.

Aligns the chakras, balance the Yin and Yang and removes blockages to clear the energy flow of the chakras. The soft pink radius is particularly appropriate assistance in emotional healing. Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Cancer.

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