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Goldstone GemstoneGoldstone Gemstone. With this name occasionally called various stones. The Victorian era so say the chrysoberyl. In ancient times meant the mineral Olivine (elaiochromos), and peridot. The name Chrysolite probably came because they believed that the rock contains the mass of gold.

The Chrysolite in its current form, is a mineral that has been artificially created. The Alchemists protokataskefasan Priests. It was a secret recipe that they used to make offerings to the gods and kings, thus seeking their favor. There was considered a means of communication between ordinary people with the beings of the upper world. It is the only one of the technical reason for the stones that recommendation, the imparted energy properties.

Goldstone Gemstone Attractive forces:

• Symbol of wealth, abundance and success.

• Brings creativity, glamor, fame, recognition, develops quality and is ideal for artists.

• Promotes career, authority and leadership. Increases strength, power and confidence. Stimulates stability and practicality.

• It is a great protector of love and marriage.

• It is a shield against negative energy and creates the body and the environment a aprosperasto energy fence.

• Protects against envy, misfortune, depression, emotional disorders and blocked energy.


• It is stone with strong mystical and metaphysical implications. It helps those involved in vision, divination, telepathy, meditation and astrology.

• And just looking at a chrysolite will feel that flooded with joy and optimism. Is antidepressant and reminds us all of the positive emotions.
• Our ally in every new beginning or transition.

• Helps chronic and persistent inflammation
• Supports the proper functioning of the blood and lymph.
• It is beneficial for the digestive system and bowels.


• It has similar properties in all its shades.

• Wear or hold him.

Caution shock and temperature change. Discharges to water and charging in sunlight.

Corresponds to the Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

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