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The obsidian gemstone is a type of rock that’s glassy in nature, commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. Obsidian rock itself forms when molten rhyolitic rock cools fast enough to stifle the formation of crystalline mineral structures. This process happens after the molten rock comes into contact with water or mixes with airObsidian Gemstone.

As the molten rock cools, it changes into obsidian, often black in color with a glassy luster. Black is the most common color of obsidian rock, though the material can be found in light brown, mottled brown with black and even black with a golden or silvery sheen.

Obsidian with integrated white crystalline patches is known as snowflake obsidian; the white patches or ‘snowflakes’ are actually spots where the rock itself has started to crystallize. Perhaps the most prized obsidian is the rainbow obsidian gemstone, which contains bands of a purple, gold and green sheen interspersed with the black obsidian rock. Obsidian rock is found anywhere where volcanic activity occurred. The most important sources for obsidian today are located in South America, Japan, Afghanistan, Mexico and parts of the United States.

Obsidian gemstone rock isn’t just a popular trinket for jewelry and worry beads. It was actually used as a cutting tool, starting with ancient cultures of the past. In fact, it was a major material used in bartering since the material could be cut to size and used as projectile points for weapons like arrows, spears and even knives. Since prehistoric times, obsidian has been used for making tools, weapons, mirrors, jewelry and even masks.

A gemstone that has a lot of associations with both healing and protection. It aids physical healing by helping relieving pain and improving blood circulation. It also aids the digestion process while detoxifying the body, in addition to reducing arthritis pain, cramps and other joint problems.

For mental healing, obsidian can form a shield of protection, which helps block negativity of any kind. The gemstone can rid your mind of mental stress and tension, bringing great clarity to help you think without harboring negative thoughts. Obsidian also promotes qualities of both strength and compassion.

The versatility of the obsidian gemstone maintains its popularity in jewelry making for a variety of reasons. It’s a gemstone associated with protection, a resource that gives its wearer the strength to alleviate their pain through the influence of their ‘guardian spirits.’ With such a pedigree, the obsidian gemstone will continue being an asset to many who choose to wear it.

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