Amethyst Gemstone

Green Amethyst GemstoneAmethyst Gemstone is a violet variety of quartz. Powerful and protective crystal, known as “the stone of serenity” Amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. The strong therapeutic power can transform lower vibrations at high frequencies, to transform negative energy into love energy.

Amethyst gemstone encourages inner strength, develops intuition, enhances spiritual awareness, provides a calm energy for meditation, allowing easier access to the divine and communicating with angels. Amethyst also aligns and encourages collaboration between energy agencies, for this and many therapists use.

Emotionally, it brings stability and inner strength, overcoming fears, cravings and guilty feelings. Can heal personal losses and grief. It releases stress and provide calm, balance, patience, happiness, and contentment. Physically the amethyst can be used against arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma, menopause, to relieve pain, to circulatory and endocrine problems, and in situations of immune deficiency. The name comes from the Greek word amethyst, meaning “without drunkenness”

DSC134987Since ancient civilizations used the amethyst to help relief from addictions (alcohol , drugs, smoking, etc.) Put an amethyst under your pillow to help with insomnia and to give you pleasant dreams. In cases of headache tap the stone on your forehead by a gentle massage. Placing an amethyst in the window of your home that sees the sun several hours cleaning your space from negative energies and create a calm environment. Is beneficial when dealing with legal and financial affairs and can lead them to prosperity and abundance. It also protects travelers. You should know that over time the amethyst will fade in direct sunlight.

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